Eviction Services


  • Have problem tenants now?  We will straighten them out or get them out.
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  • Need paying tenants? We will find them fast.
  • Experts with HPD / DOB / Violation Removals


To fully protect the interest of our clients, OUR SOLUTIONS operates in accordance with local and state laws to ensure the tenant is legally and lawfully evicted from the premises.

We initiate eviction by filing and paying for the mandatory documentation with the court or working with one of our Attorneys.   We coordinate the posting of the required documents in order to notify the tenant that the eviction process has begun.   We represent our clients throughout the whole process and during eviction court.   Once the required information is submitted to the courts, our clients typically have no further involvement throughout the eviction process.  Our clients are updated via phone and e-mail and have online access to their account at all times to check the status of their eviction.

Once the judge has issued his ruling for eviction, the tenant is given a time frame to vacate the premises.  A process server serves the client and the eviction is considered to be complete.  Landlord Management obligations are considered fulfilled at this time and will take no further action unless the tenant doesn’t leave and we must place an order for PHYSICAL REMOVAL with the City Marshal.  LET THE EXPERTS TAKE THIS HEADACHE AWAY. CLICK TO CONTACT.